Moodle instances at German-speaking universities

Introduction to the accreditation process

The LMS Moodle is enjoying steadily growing popularity at universities. Over time, I’ve compiled the German-speaking universities at which Moodle is used as a central studying platform, or at least in massive parts on the respective university. I’ve not integrated instances of individual departments or institutes within the list. It really is fascinating to find out how Moodle is implemented in the diverse universities. In some circumstances, even so, not a lot is visible simply because a login is requested straight and no guest login is allowed. Nevertheless, I feel that the list may be beneficial for some, which is why I publish it here (color code: Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Naturally, the list does not claim to become full. I am satisfied to acquire further info and add to the list accordingly. Ultimately, I propose the community Moodle forum of universities in German-speaking countries. There inquiries about the use of Moodle at universities are answered and experiences are exchanged. Take a look and join in

The accreditation of bachelor and master degree applications is described within the? Common structural specifications for the accreditation of bachelor? S and master? S degree programs? (resolution dnp and phd in nursing from the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of 10.10.2003 as amended from 04/02/2010) and is required in completely different approaches in the individual greater education laws from the federal states as a prerequisite for state approval. The assessment with the study plan by the reviewers and the accreditation decision from the accreditation commission on the accreditation agency within the field of overall health and social affairs (AHPGS) is primarily based around the “Rules for the accreditation of study programs and for program accreditation” (decided on December eight, 2009 as amended by the Accreditation Council). Of February 20, 2013, Drs. AR 20/2013) specified criteria. It really is important here no matter whether the degree plan to become accredited provides a conclusive and coherent image with regard to the goals set and to become accomplished. The accreditation process is carried out in three actions: I. Application by the university The workplace checks the accreditation application submitted by the university and the corresponding attachments for completeness and with regard towards the fulfillment from the criteria from the Accreditation Council plus the requirements of your Conference of Ministers of Education. For this purpose, it creates a summary on the status quo (see two. 1 to 2. Four), that is checked and approved by the university and created available towards the reviewers with each other with all documents.

The on-site assessment incorporates discussions the university management, the deans, the program managers and the students. It delivers the reviewers with information and facts on the course beyond the written documents. The activity of your authorities in the context from the on-site assessment should be to assessment and assess the criteria with the Accreditation Council for the accreditation of study programs. Following the on-site assessment, based around the analysis with the application as well as the submitted documents too as the outcomes of the on-site assessment, the reviewers prepare an assessment report (see 3), which with each other with all documents submitted towards the university from the introduction to the accreditation procedure five because the basis for the accreditation selection in the accreditation commission (see 4) is made use of.

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