Writing My Economics Degree Essay Live! // BSc Economics & Finance

so guys welcome back to another video on my channel now today right now what actually doing a livestream because I figured I have an essay to do I was like I might as well do it while live-streaming so if you’re new around here don’t forget to subscribe down below make sure you leave a like in the video if you do enjoy I’m just gonna check this actually online we are online so I’m I’m going to get the stream up on my phone so I can see the comments and today we’re doing a macroeconomics macroeconomics essay because obviously is part of my revision and part and part of throughout the term basically we get to set questions I say questions to do to help us with our exam and there’s this one that haven’t done so I figured I might as well do a degree essay live because yeah it’s just just like I have to do I was like I’ll show you what work like the workload is like a university and I’ll show you kind of what goes on when like I’m basically showing you about an economics degree in kind of what the work is actually like okay whoa geez we got a lot of comments yo hi Leo swagger whoa Karen yo King hi jeez man like on the grind huh yes can well it’s live yeah yeah I’m mad at my word yeah true the Liverpool man says he game is on right now that is that is true dedication arm I’m dedicated to this essay this was probably a bad time to stream because that but basically today suppose the economy is in a deep recession due to a sudden and unexpected reduction in aggregate demand assuming those change in fiscal or monetary policy Alan I analyze how the economy might adjust back to the natural level of output using the IES ad model so if you do economics you’ll probably understand a bit about this question and if you don’t do economics you might be lost there’s a on the cards on this video there’s a poll so I’d recommend voting in the polls to see if um you have any clue what’s going on so on the right here I don’t even see but I’m actually let me zoom in I’ve got a plan oh you currently see the plan too much basically but you just basically outlines a few points or copy and paste a voice so you can look at my plan if you’re interested in economics at all let’s put that down here so it is 12:00 a.m. 12:00 a.m. in India yes I’m coming to you’re from India nice man Miguel hello talk about fiscal stabilizers I mean if I knew what they were I probably would talk about them rise Bailey hi can you please do a shout out for me I’m I’m gonna watch even though I don’t study economics geez Rahul currently revising implicit relations and explicit functions first your econ mat to struggle with Dylan I love you look at that a level economics not the one yeah that was a struggle back in the day alright see ya you can see my plan on the left they’ll let you pause it and have a look at it if you want to but I’m gonna run through paragraph of the paragraph and here it goes see I make sure if you I wonder if everybody subscribed in his chat but um yeah yes Elijah’s M for my guy were you saying here’s 12 a.m. have you tried using latex to write your essays no I have not I have not maybe one day love from Kenya I need to let let me focus learn focus um yes thanks for the pop circuit yeah anytime pop stock is linked in the description down below we’re running out of the first dropper we got a drop coming soon so first up recession definition I kind of dude like to draft of an essay normally like I’ll run through one draft and do again I should’ve put a there listen I don’t actually know their correct answer this question and I’m not really too sure what’s going on like normal essay so I’m just going to try and Bluff it if a few things were wrong yeah just that list allow me I know you’ll probably correct me down in the chat below is the audio all good we got some more advice also talk about the currently the currency depreciating and those consumer confident do you love porn my guy my god yeah I could do that fusion it says don’t talk about monetary or fiscal policy though so like the exchange rate I’m not too sure if we could we can talk about that probably good to be fair yeah yeah you’re gonna get as much work done as I have this week live streaming guys true yeah I’ve done more Michaela okay let me know how look okay yeah let’s Carla a recession is defined as a period of two Oh bother I’m awful at spelling I think it extra time at a levels and I’m going through the process of potentially getting it getting extra time at uni but I’m just yeah I did I don’t know why it’s excessive negative a recession is defined as a period of two or more successive well I actually can’t it’s too much pressure for me talk was excessive negative two more negative G I actually can’t actually caught this so much pressure let me just move on to Part A recession is defined as two consecutive periods of negative economic growth I’ll let me just google it let me just google it googling is easier yeah especially was falling the productive potential Harper yeah that’s true economic recession definition where’s econ plus Dow yeah that’ll do I can’t love it no do listen I’m not I’m not perfect at this essay stuff you know I mean this is yeah okay ah this is just rough oh I’m getting a call from Owen I can’t answer right now and what’s the saying so yes also I need to notice that this is just rough by the way when the expected price level in the economy is equal to the actual you got call for gauges nothing says yeah that’s true yeah yes you in life one sentence in that yet yeah I can’t lie I can’t lie it’s not going good I dunno I’m talking about though but I want to kind of keep on the live stream as well I feel I need some music in the background you know mmm what more music slow rise to you don’t definitely definitely this is definitely whiney to revise two hours of drum and bass grind Brande Brande Brande nada I don’t see this is why I like to go next I’m taking last a little O’Connor I can’t revise if I’m listening to music but if anyone’s got any suggestions then I’ll learn then I’ll um put down and explain how you felt when you go that being a level maths I’m in session well you know yeah I got beat by one year message is the biggest relief of my life and literally like just felt like every every second of revision counted do I have a job no you choose my job what module this is for macroeconomics results they amped them yeah Jessica I would play the results down them but the thing is is say for special occasions all right yeah howdy marks is this I don’t you know it’s the maximum maximum work house 1500 okay I should probably actually start thinking let me just think for a second okay so well by written so far an economy recession define when it’s probably in the economy is equal to the actual price level when I expect to do is it was actual price level unemployment is at its natural natural rate and output so now I wanted to wait it’s my plan I so have more stuff than this is the wage process let me know in the chat what you guys have been doing today have you done a law works I’ve already done already on my hand I’ve been saliva for like four and a bit hours five hours today spend revising but now that was lunch so typically fans and us faggoty fans and workers and they go she ate over over wages that higher skilled workers and the unemployment is low workers also have more bargaining power I think yeah seems about right AAB I’ve a route I’ve reviewed one lecture today go me well done nationally yeah play a Harry Potter is uh more of rooms how long do you revise what about a break tip on this I’m not I just kind of go until I physically can’t take it but sometimes I like the max I’ll do is like two and a half hours three hours then I have lunch done no work today Jessica that’s not good what football team do I support I’ve quite like Palace and I quite like him I’m Middlesbrough Royal fuck it go play fortnight yeah I can’t lie yeah I was attempting if I’m IPS for my dad’s then I would I yes math tips oh yes maths it just don’t make any silly mistakes like it’s crazy if you feel decent at maths which you can get from like just working hard and you don’t make any silly mistakes you should be like guaranteed to be like yes up the bro talk about Friedman’s rational expectations theory yet to what if that does sound like why should be talking about that does sound like that sound right so thank you for that who’s gonna win Liverpool lost man says he’s in Iraq in Liverpool would definitely go through in case that’s a rough intro this essay will discuss a basically our structure for macroeconomics is to have like no no no rubbish no like he already said if you can use a shorter word or a more basic word use that and no metaphors or anything like that I’ll be studying finance in the UK is a hard I’m for Portugal Bruno yeah it’s survivable it says what like you could you could easily do it Man United all way up the borough will still be chef United yeah play some relaxing music I was some suggested suggestions for some relaxing music then hit me up and somebody said could you give me an honest opinion on what Jesus you like GCC’s there’s a good day’s there a bit mad but they’re there good Easter holidays four levels just try and go library most days I didn’t I think I was an I thought I done something weird when I had a levels in East holidays I wasn’t actually doing too much ah Fellini do some music on you know 9 bang read newspapers Megas Disney songs piano work hard work hard Daniel castor oh that’s hoping Daniels okay okay then listen I like I should tap you like revision music full album it’s just too loud let me know in the chat down below if is too loud I mean it should just just very very gentle music here how did you revise economics family econ plus now is actually the man like I don’t know what it was but I just used to sit there like this revising economics you know this essay will discuss out and then wanna me and how an economy move back to the natural without this monetary policy a really good demand shot in case the first paragraph not the music it is awful okay you know how do you get into your core BBB the infamous question basically obviously I was like listen listen I’m under oh my god pop has done one pound oh is that super chat papa man you’re the man I appreciate that a lot you know I don’t know how I can give you any special powers or what but yeah wherever you want if I know how to do it I’ll do it but yeah I go into York basically because I rang them off as like yeah I’ve got them I’ve got a YouTube channel notice I got lucky getting into York like it was just one of the things at the time okay I use physical I feel like this live stream could go on for many hours let me check the audio okay this is gonna mess up your thing okay yeah that’s all good it’s all good let me let me focus again let me focus let me get the chat back up as well if you haven’t dropped to like already I see there’s a there’s many people watching a like a like would go a long way you know I mean and if he gets like 150 likes I seems reasonable I’ll do more of these or I sort of thing more live streams I need to do more live streams call I’m so distracted okay do more if you like the University of Toronto mighty Zoomer yeah Miguel just go for the University of Toronto how did you rise for GCSE maths past papers past papers first like right here boy eh I swallowed here man city school you know I don’t even know can you make it love that a nap fucking roses Dylan roses roses Yoji help me ASAP how do you revise for DCC science to be honest I just I just looked it up my GCSE science guy have you considered switch for live streams yeah I might live scream for nouns which one day go to common for University please yeah maybe one day I don’t really know who I know at Coventry York versus Leeds not out ok I’ll be real be yeah there’s a good example of what what Leeds is accurately like so I was on the ski trip was going on the ferry there and literally when we got on the ferry here’s all the York people you know maybe had a few beers in too busy no just chillin kind of taking it nice and easy halfway through like a 24-hour journey when I say we’re not when I got to the Lee’s ferry everybody from Leeds you just saw the Lee’s coach everybody got we followed them up back she was behind them everybody was pinging wasted like please go hard please go hard York go hard but like I’d say lead is a bit harder you know Leeds has kind of got that kind of vibe of party lifestyle right Lee and I’ll party last out but you know I mean hardcore drum bass wise we’re events that’s good though take that for your come on Elle Emma okay yeah it’s not L we’re actually yeah just just our British student friendly yeah of course this is a new weird idea but I like it nice do more live streams I will I actually live with an international student but you can’t really um she doesn’t speak much English so it’s just the like her hello and then she got like replies hello and then how try to have a calm voice you like right it’s kind of I 1 then one squeezed on to be that good English but yeah mom everyone’s friendly making us a lot better man says he just scored or that’s making that’s gonna be in my game that is gonna be a mad game for night lowering ground boundaries for tonight will actually be lowing great boundaries yeah okay let me get back to this aggregate them on decreases I’m looking at my plan by the way lower price level higher real money stock okay yes in and I need to get a diagram as well don’t I I could imagine everybody’s charged up and it’s not like some weird like search things at the top how embarrassing there being a live stream I go at them on decreasing I see what a bad voice recently come on what goodies are they got for us today yeah this one will do I think yeah that one seems that one seems to ride that one seems good what diagram do we want you want one decreasing see ideally I should make my own diagram but it’s just a bit long isn’t it I might as well just copy and paste yeah this one will do that’s not just not that good RB yeah okay I’m just gonna can I copy and paste I don’t like okay yah-yah-yah-yah I’ll absolutely smashing hopefully don’t have any weird work with a yeah oh and I’m down to do a live stream my friend can you do an econ degree of little knowledge of math that’s an interesting question that if you do a BA I reckon you could like firm it of no maths but um my degrees quite math intensive even for the micro macro and there’s so it is a bit it’s a bit harder to be fair okay hopefully nothing oh that’s trippy what am i doing file open research what’s gonna come up then ah this diagram is really taking the mick right now really really taking the mick now I’m talking about today all right now we’re just gonna forget a diagram for now um in an economy a decrease in aggregate will result in the price level dropping this is just my first drafts I’m not gonna go into as much detail as possible the price level will decrease assuming you on the diagram why my make my own diagram the crease from p1 to p2 as the price level decreases the nominal or the no they’re real the real stuff of money in the economy will increase well what’s that M over P this is as the real stock money is given given I is your diverse York is actually very diverse but it’s kind of weird Dylan do I smoke weed I actually don’t know that was DNS where I’m looking yeah Oh looking down those yeah yeah allow it yeah York is diverse but the international students are kind of very like to themselves I think is the word I’ll be looking for not all of them some of them been grain Dylan how did you rise for a liberal politics is so long and boring yeah I pray to my own revision guys and let you just use them so they’ll be linked in the description down below which maths GCSE papers that use Edexcel Tyler hey Dylan have you linked have you linked the Bella girl from that if from your video no I haven’t brought I haven’t i lied to a nice girl not plan to link oh by the way I had many comments head about that in the video why is this so entertaining Nicole I thought I just I just I’m glad you were entertained Charlie how many girls have you pulled I put it this way first time yeah that was like yeah my tag I’ll do that so stuff the second time I was like focused on focused on work and focused on nice Sydney the bigger picture kind of thing and I cut the time coming up I won’t be going out as much either I’ll be M focusing on focusing on work not anything else Tyler Bella is so fit cloudless rat how fit is she Aaron I’m plan on the moon computer science at unique yeah good luck with that did you make any application points in economics I hope so I hope so speaking wisdom shit hey Dylan what’s good what’s good how competitive is getting year abroad can getting year abroad last I was very happy when I got it when we went to the UM because basically the year aboard you can be against the whole universe these are the people that are going there on their courses that are going there in their third year they’re going the second year which is me and there was four spaces at the University there’s there’s like obviously there’s so many different connections I think about four to five hundred people go abroad from the Uni something crazy and it’s Sydney there was only four places and I was just blessed to get one even though I’m not doing a three plus one course kind of thing so it’s very competitive for the good universities but you’ll definitely get a year abroad in the country you want I’d say by the nominal money stock / this is as the real stock of money is given by the nominal stock of money divided by the price level good spelling that div I did buy the price level if if the oh wait this does that mean that real does the real nominal stock or nominal money stock go up as the question is then in economy a decrease in aggregate demand result in the price love and the economy dropping the price that will decrease from p1 to p2 a surprise type of decreases the room stock of money in the economy will increase this has the real certain monies given by the normal one another price level if price level decreases I’ll just given by the money I’d outdo I’m not sure yet let me put nominal question mark but like a copyright for this music as a good point let me turn it down a bit that’s brightness this is a very possible if P decreases M increases and then we want to talk about the ad relation increases due to the ad relation that’s true how much brought hour-long deed a beauty here I am thinking you can avoid essays and maths – what I don’t know you probably yeah you might have a few essays – do you know it’s arancini a terrible at programming Tyler Dillon was housing like in York for second year you know it’s common well obviously we’re I might be going too broad I haven’t got a house I kind of had to I was going with some good boys but yeah I just kind of had to take the risk that I might be going to Sydney because I couldn’t commit to the house and then pull out is it easy to transfer to different subjects and uni in the first few weeks yes Mohammed give me a shout out please there you go my friend there you go um yeah okay okay one more looking for now just that aggregate demand relation that what I got is it y equals y y equals y as a function of M over P as an increasing function G increasing function and T decreasing function if M over P increases why also increase its output and economy increases its if output in the economy increases consumption priest this 13 Tatyana low good luck thank you thank you if there are maybe someone that might be someone in the chat who knows yeah increase when supply decreases what are you doing in university arm if that’s me I’m doing economics and finance rip are in the UK is played with shiet to computer science teachers what do you want to do after uni I just want to just want to be a full-time youtuber Bart not that’s the dream I want to do something creative I don’t want to sit behind the desk I think so wherever that takes me in life we’ll have to see what am I saying can something face this means that a good one will start to increase as a result of the increase in you’re confused on real and nominal money stop now in [Music] a result i’ll put real yoda real money stop what I say mama saying what I say my plan okay this will occur until worth revising from day one a level Jake Brown bridge yeah you know if you can that’s honest you do it do you have any tips for touch typing tap just try just try how’s the finance side of your course we don’t start finance modules to a second year so like my first year is just pretty much standard economics any point doing maths at uni yeah if you want to if you want to have a challenging time through maths keys I would I can’t think of anything I would struggle with more than Matt’s medicine probably medicine how many hours of revision was essay about the questions at the top maybe I should zoom in a bit discuss pretty is hard to see you know let me zoom in you know there we go this won’t incur until the real money also wait the nominal money stocks unchanged because we’re not using supply side policy oh well I surrender spelling equilibrium level which is what’s the agreement equilibrium level which is ym I need to add some more details this is just a first draft you know I mean one of them ones um therefore it can be seen that therefore it can be seen that an economy could potentially return to the natural level output without government in intervention why the change in the real money stock while keeping nominal money stock the same so basically nominal money stock could be like nominal is just the quantity value realistically and the real VAT the real is just kind of what it’s actually worth if that makes any sense what music you tend to listen to when you’re working bro I literally have my headphones in and don’t listen to anything like having my headphones and makes me focus and then I don’t listen to anything because I’m that guy that just gets lost in the music like fully just starts like daydreaming about random stuff and like that sort of vibe how much time you’re gonna be in life to be honest I don’t really know to be honest then gilli I was win what’s the Spotify playlist didn’t bro I don’t know how I can’t even lie I don’t even have Spotify Premium so on that I’m that guy at the moment I don’t even think I was Spotify normal you have any words of wisdom for motivation for revision he said no the thing is yeah I like if you know is money supply money stock money supply same thing yeah so now motivation it’s like I don’t know you just you just have to know what you want to achieve and everything like that and you can buy self a good buy high sell low yeah you know what you want to achieve and to achieve what you want to achieve you know how much work you have to put in so all depends like the better University the better experience you’ll have there’s that’s that kind of a psychological point of view not that all aimed at University so just just I don’t know just work hard I was I was motivated because I just had it offered I wanted to achieve and I liked York chef started now yeah I’m sir I’m second year econ it’s really damn hard the mats were especially shocked to me FBS pfb spin yeah I agree mass was a shock to me I thought like yes no more no more matter after a level no that was wrong that was so wrong do you study King Dean or can new classical or study both of them too honest have you stopped says it have you stopped session so hard Declan I have indeed I have indeed uni is shite well Gracie to get a level I watch YouTube I got BBB I have statistics exam tomorrow but i’m watching a video sarah statistics mad I haven’t started revising that module yet and I forgotten all of it but that’s just life you know I mean none of them ones let me put this up here I can get a better view at the old chat now Oh what the hell just happened there well my oh oh shit no sir oh my see my screen my screen start flickering because I don’t know why but um my laptop’s working then goodness answer me do you need a wee-wee and mr start no no I don’t never stop session you know true big are valid valid no the Jamie F’s been what you’d you best club in York best club in New York all of them all of them vastly solid night out gonna come York no you’re never gonna your walk at this right that’s a good point now is a good point let me get back to some work nice work I need to do what now okay that’s very distracted okay I say if this is awful yeah because he’s hard to UM it’s hard to do bits while while I’m while I’m revising I mean let me I know I’m gonna distract it burnt yeah so it’s hot that made no sense why said basically it’s hard to actually type up an essay while thinking about YouTube and livestream and talking if you know I mean moving on to second paragraph yeah so I planned this for about 510 about know pretty about 25 minutes and like that I find the essays in the tree really challenging so like I have to think about stuff a lot obviously I’ve been revising hard so they can do you plan on say talking about automatic stabilize and they say considering they rely heavily on yeah low-key automatic stabilizer definitely sounds what I should be talking about I mean let me give it a good Google automatic stabilizers because obviously I’ll have a look here and then see what I’ve learned in class automatic stabilizer I cannot make policies yes let me let me just go back to examples corporate and personal taxes taxes a fiscal policy though aren’t they yeah so automatic stabilizers prefer how to how fiscal policy instruments will influence the rate of GDP growth currently talk about fiscal policy I don’t think yeah no change in fiscal policy either no I’m just going to continue with this and see how many words I get done and if I hit their word count then I’ll just stop this is just rough remember guys I don’t to get slated in the comments for this investor Tokyo is the one you know investor Toby was actually the one choose to you yeah look Neil Kennedy yeah automatic stabilizers fiscal policy oh my god it’s in the business cycle cuz I go on economics mop tomorrow good luck Mohammad Jamie yeah what did you get a d-cell see I got one a star three A’s for bees three C’s furthermore a decrease in Oh Matthew how Matthew my guy I appreciate the two pounds I’m good I am good basically Matthew reasonably good friends at school used to sit there in business studies and you know geography to deal with basically in business studies we’ve always messed around and used to like maybe we was on the YouTube grind together or just joking around oh they’re pretty sure that Matthew have to link up suit you know yeah business study GCSE GCSEs were the fun days actually fun days econ plus style is saving you through it econ plus star is just a man 100% Jack Hall hated and I would not focus in the word limit just focus on getting amazing quality you can do this thank you yeah yeah that’s true I’m getting help from others eminent bar oh wow it’s not this isn’t this isn’t a marked assessment or anything like that it’s like a mock but it’s not much cuz it’s not it’s not getting marked but it’s a real question kind of thing will to a decrease in output as output Oh what’s going on there as output Oh as output has decreased unemployment we’re in fries no okay so it’s doing basic I like in sh t like right I subsequently in big words but he said don’t do that Dylan because that’s what you shouldn’t do small words I’m easy to understand let me check the score though Liverpool best man citrus score one-nil who’s who scored that who scored that Jesus second minute they’re actually gonna be they’re gonna be loving it aren’t they or four shots 71% possession I wonder they stop defensively or what oh wow let’s back to this but back to this um five more pass papers this week that is tough don’t worry Dylan student blog fam are here and easy first this year random havoc thank you thank you what if someone copies your work I yeah copy more I’m and I don’t mind to be honest like I know obviously I wouldn’t power work which could get me in trouble but gonna copy this I mean it’ll probably get you with you but cheers to that hmm oh shit Ashley just five pounds that’s actually mad Ashley Blaine thank you so much like I honestly appreciate that a lot like it touches me it touched me but um obviously you know like any money I made for youtube I always try and invest it back in the channel everything like that so yeah dad appreciate Ashley a lot man gave a fire yeah yeah I know I know the clicking sound is so satisfying yeah there’s something about typing and watching typing is so it’s so cool I’m writing an essay to write now we should if we could do like group live stream on YouTube just get everybody um just get just get everybody doing that 0:07 pound profit for Dylan stacking up P are you trying to fundraise no I’m not trying to fundraise but I’ve actually I’m actually broke recently because I had to pay like 350 pounds of Australian health care 350 pounds for Australian visa and I still might know 100% be going out there I’m gonna see broke can’t give you nothing da beauty it’s cool I’m not asking for anything it’s cool it’s cool um what are you a uni mates think of uni yeah they think is calm my house like Jack my boy Jack you’ve seen the videos he’s at oh he goes out an awful lot some of my house do go out and all fall out to be fair it’s the best time when you type on the keyboard obviously everyone wants me the time or let me do some more typing as output has decreased unemployment will increase one saying the higher unemployment that real wage this is as our real wage table you know real wage is this wage setting or prices in relation W equals here you think as a function of 1 minus y over L 1 minus y of L being employment I don’t know 1 minus y at y over L is at employment one minus y over L is a unemployment still and that is just any other variable this is um this is as PE will increase the expected price level as a result of the waves setting relations crisis race assimilation oops what’s going on what my looking for see Dylan I want to kiss you II thank you thank you thank you good luck dude Olli thank you might be how to fight you write music I just end up writing the lyrics yeah I had that same problem it’s the music loud that actually no have you got music on in the background yeah I have actually boss mentioned Friedman’s rational expectations do I rational expectation [Applause] yes alike thus when P equals PE when the expected price equals price level that’s when you end up at the natural rate of unemployment and stuff maybe I should mention Friedman’s gym blog still him Katy was bored shitless some thoughts streaming your work would be a less guilty way of procrastinating Alex you know about that you know what is fortnight for nights that mad game EU bloody sexy beast Ashley what screen recorder to use for your Mac I’m currently using OBS so yeah just OBS at the moment solid else can I do okay maybe I should put donators yeah that’s what I’ll do I’ll add text use yeah add text yeah I don’t know what’s going on I think I can add text now let’s say who’s I’ll put donate it I feel like I need to do something for the natives I’ll put them on the stream let’s see this is this is I I should definitely well this is this is coming up a bit big actually Matt Matthew how my guy and there was was it Papa who donate Papa donated with very start well the chat is popping off I didn’t realize how much it popped off Papa yeah yeah or not Matt Papa Papa there we go I mean it’s just a bit of a iechyd as a poor fund I need to customize this but I can’t lie that this looks but Alex poor like that will just do for now I’ll sort out next dream next time I do a stream I’ll definitely sort out a wave like donators to come up on screen or you know you know that sort of deal Oh Harrison’s just done the 79p or Harrison now got added to this my guy how do I did this how do I do this add rename no it’s not going good to be fair to what I feel like I just need to do an update video I’ve got an email from him from my uni the other day saying my attendance to seminars I’d miss four or more it’s very poor so I’ll show you that in a video soon but I was like the reason why I missed the seminars is because I was competing for you guys in inbox it’s a bit crazy they try getting at me for not attending I clearly told him that I was gonna miss the seminars the box and also I chiefly missed my seminar but went to a different group seminar which are not meant to do but I didn’t want to miss out on the work so that’s also why I missed one as well but um yeah channel wisdom sound mic low my mic volume is low oh no we’re done hello oh oh oh did I change is that better is that better everyone everyone’s backing me in the chat is that is that good make the fault black yeah I know I don’t know how to do I probably to focus on the essay what trimmed you asked for better perfect perfect in OBS you tend like yeah I didn’t even not even know I turned down my volume yet too loud too loud okay too loud it’s better now University of Leicester $10 beer yeah mind the green okay I’m in green / orange super better bro I say say literally Brunton yes yeah yeah I should be revising GCC’s yeah make that font bold yeah I should do I should do all right I’m not shy let me do it let me just focus on this I have like a break in another few minutes and then call this is well this is what you call productive I don’t have a clue how long the stream has been but I’ve done this many words 320 this is as Christ expectations what increases resolve the waste that’s in relation and what’s my favorite 49 skin I’ve just I’m just in the basic four nine skin for night skin it’s car yeah just basic one basic one um well he mmm let me think about what’s going on here then this is as expensive price will increase as a result of the wage setting relation and and as on him well have icon papacy you give me another donation bribe you’re the man that’s three pound honest you don’t have to donate I appreciate a lot it all be reinvested into the channel and content everything like that PV equals MRT yeah I’ll actually just lost my train of thought right now I won’t give up half I won’t give up I need to talk I’m gonna tell my I was looking at the stream like this okay okay okay let me just turn it over second focus is the music one off potentially to – this guy’s quite chill like I’m actually I’m kind of diggin it to be fair let’s get let’s get suggestions for another for another room for another for another cool tune so not some immature stuff some chill stuff yeah capital e your chill music for revision what’s that what’s the suggestions Ashley pop a seed in the house fishes equation kook’s cukes cukes hey full set us a full set on that like it like a I’m a legend keep QED post Malone psycho yeah that’s a to dad listen I that’s the that’s the stuff I just start let’s you were if I listen to stuff without its get complete distracted revision music yeah this is what we need yeah this is gonna be horrendous isn’t it this is definitely gonna help me get a definitely George Ezra truth or dare when is the deadline it’s just a practice si realistically though hopefully get marked r/cringe pulled five pounds tell people to donate by and you can do Oh bro I appreciate that a lot about five pounds honestly Wow tell people to donate via stream labs then you can allow media sharing where people can donate songs exit and you’ll make Bank oh I see I see I see I see let me add another let me add another text in there how do I don’t know just gonna meet oh I should press add here let me add text text oh I can change font here okay let’s see what fun this is actually horrendous distraction this is horrendous good pull so metallic so metallic stuff you know oh he’s down there look at that there we go this is what you call tops top quality streaming Oh Ashley another five pounds what are you sure this is cool like honestly appreciate that a lot I can I’ve got a lot more people spittin now we got let’s let’s add some more people into this Papa gave another two pounds in the oh is that I’ve spelt that wrong type out your type I type this revision music please what will suggestions are good in the chat what suggestions are good in this chat like come on listening to ae+ music is so dead it’s graphed on Ashley lol oh no no Jennifer see the donations are coming a competition yes Philly have I spelled that yeah one that would do what is going on cancel what war fondue one this time honestly guys after this I’m gonna have to look away from my phone this one’s quite why I use this front a fair bit to be fair yeah Dylan tries Ingo I no no no actually I you sure this is cool like I pad yeah I uh I feel speechless yeah but I wanted like you know thank you very much Pat bye I appreciated that a lot like you’re the other man honestly yet I know you’ve been a longtime subscriber I see you in a lot of my videos thank you for the support honestly I say honestly a lot I get like that I say several words like too much oh that was let’s just discard that we’ve got popper again this I’m generally gonna have to stop I know in a minute and then me now I’m gonna have to get in a minute I’m gonna have to get on with the work you know I mean one of them ones will go bold noteworthy I don’t know what fun this is but we’ll um we’re all of it by the way I’m not encouraging any of this donation Wars yeah like just save it for nights out you needs expensive guys save your money for nights out um yeah okay now can you bet they’re doing some work this this study music is my math teacher is a dickhead this is a bad idea how imagine Dylan gets 30 K for mr. beast I’m so just imagine if mr. beast nah he’s still doing that Dylan you don’t need three A’s why you doing this while studying Dylan could you mention the natural rate of hypothesis oh no no Ashley stop this donation thing III just save your money guys thank you honestly again Ashley I mean I feel touched I feel touched a mile Australia no I hopefully I will be I will be soon hopefully soon deed yeah there we go I don’t know what this means discard this card select for more fun we go for this time oh this is this is actually quite a sick fun too I have no clue what just went on but we should try again when I didn’t know now after this though our Jacobs got me again I know it guys I actually appreciate the donations a lot yeah but you don’t have to do this for me you don’t honestly you don’t have to do this I appreciate a lot though like Oh God all of us are gonna be invested in saving up to go to Australia and obviously I do do YouTube instead of I take up a lot more time now I think some people realize and I do do it instead of having a part-time job so and obviously I put like I reckon people always ask me this Iraq and I get about like three pounds an hour from doing YouTube so I put in a lot of hours to it so yeah thank you again I appreciate that a lot another five pounds Jacob more – you’re the man I’ll just press save in case we got Jacob in there now and we’ve got ash Ashley again I’m actually horrendous is spelling actually I’m sorry I’m sorry select font see I don’t know word I can’t actually tell what the the fonts are we’ll go bold italic this time here we are Russia getting loads of donations nice actually a bit mad I never towards I didn’t even know you could donate in this to one till so I kind of came on it was like talking about super chat nope happy I she’s just pop about see what who was that what’s going on okay okay I don’t is this cumulative cumulative data is this cumulative downloads I’m dad so I can’t speak is this cumulative donations yeah wait why are you adding the names again law edit Thomson student a calm I’ve just subscribed to pop art yeah go subscribe to hold the donators oh my god tomorrow he’s everyone sure donate what don’t know what she wants she wants to do it what can I say no either I thank you but I’m running out of room okay yeah okay yeah what no one didn’t imagine it’s only donated like 15,000 pounds spent it all and then I was like oh wait it was a joke honestly thank you again Ashley 10 pounds is in incredible donation I honestly appreciate it a lot and Papa with this pounds 90 like like honestly just I save your money I say you so I mean I say it honestly so much but I mean it means a lot papa actually you win I’m never papa Ashley you win I’m not that rich another two pounds 90 yep thank you honestly guys thank you a lot I mean it means a lot yo background sword oh yeah yeah basically my guy I had a I had a young sword in the background in my last video and yeah I was only in the fortnight video if you hadn’t seen that and yeah I was the only person to him to to spot that Lee well that’s got a bit wild I will press save know off this day let’s let’s just hold off on the donations because then I know I need to get some work done you know I mean I need to need to get need to get this essay done done and dusted to bed to bed indeed yeah there we go there we go there we go okay okay okay live streaming is important the school Dillon play pentakill music Dillon is confirmed weeaboo what is a weeaboo how often do you play ps4 decent amount Paul Jacob Ashley and Papa you do fucking nothing guys thank you honestly thank you so much donations I will I will look at them in a bit new donators just hot if you’re gonna do that hold up so I can actually do some that Sh oh you don’t have to donate well I appreciate a lot though anyone else don’t I listen just just to keep your money honestly if you go if you go you need you’ll know about VKS and some clubs are very expensive furthermore this says that increasing the expected price that will increase as a result of the wage setting relation I feel like actually know people now like just reading the chat money over education not on education always first money honestly no and a serious level money doesn’t like motor me that much this money doesn’t like money I don’t know I like I’m not money crazies wasted I’m saying I wanna see the donations should have film Loughborough yeah I should have done to be fair everyone donate one P and I’m tired I’m turning my phone over for a second so I can actually do some work okay this says what this is a plus music lesson the scheduler Scott this is eyes P you will increase as a result of wage setting region as unemployment [Applause] unemployment increases P will decrease P decreases what yeah D see this is this is this is a vital mistake this is a decrease decrease this has expected prices decreases involves the waste that’s from relation as unemployment increases okay I definitely could buy that better definitely can distractions distractions turn this won’t use it off yeah yeah I can’t lie wait turn your phone back over tire tent over Harrison money money yo Ella Thompson I’m going leads in September the disrespect looks like Ashley wins yeah Ashley you know you’re the winner check I’m not wrong you haven’t saved it I say at least once yes that’s true still that’s true still haven’t done that much to be fair this is University yeah yeah nothing okay there we go done okay save it you idiot yeah I’ve saved that was Karen University of York about to make a donation yeah University of your best we donate and Lowe’s you know yeah get the Student Union donate any money all right all right if you’re in the chat right now my music teacher just drop a like on the on the stream if you’re enjoying it today if it does devolve obviously do more live streams awfully about fun of stuff than that this was just kind of a test to be honest I destroy I just realized you can’t see the donators because I put them in white and here is white that is not good oh here here we are here we are half of them okay this is what we do to sort out as you know I don’t do this now Oh guys it’s ashli horrendous distractions all right oh we need some more suggestions for music in the chat because music music is good isn’t it are we agreeing but obviously not study Plus music cuz that’s just a bit dead but we don’t sign to this that just going to distract me too much you know I mean it’s going to be kind of chilled chilled vibes enough so I can concentrate more than I’m concentrating now Paul Paul the other the rods Oh G for donating as well then appreciate that a lot can we see that the donators now hopefully Ashley goodbye now good luck on your side Dylan honestly thank you so much for donations Ashley oh it means a lot and I honestly I don’t expect anyone to donate service always it’s always kind of like a bonus that I was never expecting to be honest when I started to live streaming thank you thank you well my voice is my voice is going a bit there I can’t lie um hope you – just saw are the problem that should talk that should sort out that should sort out okay has it sorted it out I can’t tell I can’t tell anyway let’s just move on for a second wasn’t what’s my plan saying so so what’s the total so far then I don’t have to know how you even see the total BBC three completely snakes you out Jordan trust me Road trust me that was so peak that it stopped only for me whats the total donation check that in a minute anyone going to imperial play the soundtrack for chicken one chicken run sound track one hour okay there’s not somebody who’s recommended this okay who here watches ice no i firmed University of European firm commentary record on fortnight year 12 is stress man yeah true what I can’t revise to this all right let’s piano music this is what we need piano music pentakill ah this is sake me okay the Ducks on the duck okay okay well this does this look like revision music now she’s like oh I can I can do this yeah yeah I am was it ha ha what’s her chicken nothing’s wrong with the chicken run others could revise that um sausages with toast I don’t see an economics degree I do it in a format all right let me just I’ll ask a let’s go and focus didn’t focus I’m turning over the thing again now so after I’ve didn’t have to focus what am i doing this is actually calm I saw the suggestion a few times so whoever suggested this who said it degree a friendship opinion I don’t know quite all my friends do apprenticeships and they’re all most of them want to go Union one of them’s not it’s it’s intense I think it just all depends isn’t it I should I be that guy 148 Wow do I really look like that fair enough then should I donate to myself ok no no that’s just this is just weird maybe I should Jack Edwards maybe I need some tips no ok ok bad distraction I’m so distracted killed instrumentals this is what we need I can only listen to instrument in I can only listen to instrumentals when I’m revising jazz jazz is actually decent for a rising why did I get excited oh here’s this guy bow he start his own business calm I’ve seen this advert too many times man he needs to chill duck song listen to music or foreign lyrics that’s true I’ve got killed killed cow up now grand jazz that’s the type of music that’s the genre wintered okay let me go back to my plan let me go back I can turn over my phone again I actually quite liked jazz but I don’t know what was like good good jazz to listen to you okay let me think we’re still going from is it half eight how long I’ve been doing this block an hour almost this is poor I don’t know what the average out this workout is friendless okay so really yes relation since 1 is less than I know since Y is less than yn he must be greater than P so expectations were greater than P caps [Music] if using in order to back in order to how’d I say got in order to in order to return to the natural level of output ie therefore decrease keep decreasing until markups telephones will keep decreasing the mark-up said my firm’s will keep decreasing until until it is in line with price expectations once this point is reached once this points it once this point is reached what we have we will have output will be back at the natural level level I need some goodies chocolate chocolate that was kind of ok ok so that’s that second paragraph draft it down the S curve will shift until we arrive back at yn oh yeah so ok i realistically need diagram now I’m gonna have to add in diagrams because this it’s hard to like I need to find the right diagrams or Google Images that takes a bit of time to fair let me look at the chat again oh it’s upside down oh my god who’s that guy in the mask at your window ah that was their band um I don’t think I missed anything too important in the chat let’s scroll down to the latest comments will be saying Kieran window see my dad would probably come in that window just to try and be funny I can’t lie vlog a date with papa rationally if I donate 20 pounds yeah definitely we get Bo just I’ll try and get a Skype feature with pepper Ashley Jacob Molly lives another day welcome lads yeah deep why Ferrari by Frank Ocean atrocity Savannah Rachel hello hello Rachel listen to xxx intro and my FT plug walk are you mad – I plug walk that song is polite when they would when you’re with your boy just getting pumped up for something I don’t know stop video kebab song this is this is chilled chilled stuff remove kebab and 20 pound out my overdraft you lucky thing yeah hahaha y’all didn’t in Australia TV they watch rugby every day are you saying we aren’t important take a low low beta the pool if you see the diagram it’s probably easy to write about yeah it’s true diagrams are definitely easy to write it helps me write paragraphs of diagrams I should probably do that I feel good I go get some did you do work experience yeah I worked at work experience at Bank of America and got a job in Tesco and done something else if I don’t need 50-pound can you put I love Paul macaroni somewhere yes yeah yeah ash so many donated 20 pounds today Ashley I think I missed it that’s actually true I missed that as well let me know in the chat um wait does this count as revision for me even though yeah basically I’m just this is this is a revision for all of us I live in york’s would be nice okay the aggregate supply curve will keep shifting left until with alarm alarm wake up nod race not with the I don’t even know if this this is actually horrendous s it over no this make any sense but yeah good old spellcheck that’s what we like to see okay that was not napped I actually feel not that is they’re not delete button on a Mac like I have a new Mac I always wondered this over yeah okay that makes more sense to be fair okay okay what Mac boot they have the new MacBook with the touch bar forty three weeks I have forty nine pounds spent in a week I’m going chef would you near h ‘l that’s nice you know chef was good to be fair it’s good time when I win you kebab someone get played actually and well 100 pound donation of a parameter yeah you know Dylan moisture body kind of your cross there’s some things you don’t sound streams and that is something you just don’t stream actually one-pound thank you I feel touched again I honestly feel touched again what’s the barber saying in your also leaning stuff yeah barbers you know what they’re calm they’re calm then use a trade union obviously Caleb yeah could do how many words of USA 1000 to 1500 so we’re approaching halfway I saw your video on an accommodation I’m standing in a nicer place yeah share food accommodation that was like when my friends stayed is he was horrendous let’s find a diagram a das what is the kebab song played a kebab song are there all koalas what the price is like in York yeah prices are standard to be fair not as expensive as London but probably not as cheap as some places it’s kind of touristy like when I walk around the town there’s a few um few of them guys on like the floating Yoda’s and a few street performers oh this is why one this is basically why one so we’ve got ad shifting down but it’s not labeled but this one oh but we had a bit of a nightmare getting this in them we call mark rash is so focused on studying instead of yeah live-streaming I should indeed I should indeed so what’s I can’t lie my head obviously didn’t actually do some work what kind of maths you do in first year actually I basically are basically Khalid what we say and maths in first year a lot of stats a lot of probability and there’s actually a mass multiply matrices chebyshev’s inequality the statistics and probability is ridiculously hard for an economics degree you graphs yeah trust me comley’s I’ve already been leads I made a vlog on the leads kebab song well they’re always this come up song but if I type ink about some will it just come up that’s the distraction that’s maybe then maybe then we’ll strike all this saved in here yeah and so let me insert this insert picture oh I can size it from browser I only said I think I have quite a few personal documents like like filly boys going on here I don’t I’m exposing all my personal memories after the diagrams later another basically I have slight identification on my thing for I’ve been applied to stuff to do a study abroad so I don’t know like leak my National Insurance number and then next thing you know I’m glad you like duplicated passports and thumbs before dinos yeah I will sort out that later on Dylan is such a Normie is funny I’d even know a Normie is any Google it mean an average joke thank you very much thank you no too fair I am a fairly average Joe in terms of academia I can’t lie what Caleb you can’t be asking me that sort of stuff you know I mean Xiaomi Shami kabab song please play it go to Sydney villain you deserve it I’m hum trying I’m trying you can just drag diagrams from what was on before nothing that’s mad died so mad you actually can righty-o we’re in business we’re in business what was that diagram her before I listed this is it here oh this is it this is the one I need and was the first one I needed what’s the first one needed I don’t need one first one okay let’s shift this down here my cousins are doing shoe job my cousins are doing economics degrees and both hate them is it worth doing for the good money later – – I I’m only at uni for the experience like my degree is second priority to be honest and the degree is hard it’s quite interested in a wheelie one of the most useful degrees but um yes calm how was universe with Natyam yeah yeah I have heard good things about it to be fair oh I so much easier to handle diagrams I’ve actually missed a song I like palace and I like Middlesbrough Jack II what’s this kebab somewhat like let’s see the song okay this this is interesting yeah this nice advise I need to write comment this imagine if I fell don’t get to Sydney because I was watching a kebab song how would that make everyone feel good let’s get back to it let’s get back to it um have I ever had my stomach pumped no but I know loads of people as aunty they call their stomachs pumped how’s University of Glasgow haven’t been taking the content removed come home go on a rave dillinger bro yeah I’ve been invited but I’ve never really I’m not that rave type of guy like Crees least you still have half a year that’s a good excuse if you didn’t get into York I went Akhil here were University how was University of Edinburgh apprenticeship at a levels a levels a levels and then go into apprenticeship you have to after I I do you handle deadlines yeah yeah deadlines don’t really matter so what’s a lot of stuff at uni they say oh you have to do this you have to do that economics is such a big course for me that you don’t really hey guys I’m getting tired I know no less firm a few more minutes of this and then okay mmm okay now I’ve just lost all focus this was kind of a good idea but a bad idea at the same time I don’t think I could type an essay while replying to the chat and stuff like that let me just actually focus I’m gonna now I’m gonna leave the chat for like five four minutes and I should do some focusing I will foot with no music for a minute no music the aggregate supply curve will keep shifting out until the intersection with a lower level of aggregate demand 82 okay therefore over the time the mark-up set by firms will decrease until it’s in line with the price until it’s in line with price expectations once this point is reached I’ll put me back at the next rule 11 this is as the aggregate supply curve will keep sending out tools outward until Oh until I go get supply whoa aggregate supply ships outwards relation and aspect markup markup decreasing was that so the aggregate supply relation is P equals P e bracket 1 ad this is meant to be you knew you as a function of 1 minus y over L comma Zed negative post negative negative o what is going on so you got no give hand and here we got positive okay okay right that’s good that’s good yeah [Applause] well this is such a messy essay like this is definitely not exemplar work if you study economics I would not recommend copying this essay ever if the mark-up decreases the expectations will decrease that relates that’s not what I’m trying to say without those relate to it I don’t know that’s that’s basically a semi paragraph down my plan let’s move on to them okay we actually got okay so this is the I’m just gonna work on this last bit of stuff Oh Rachel Rachel always shit we’ve got hit but thank you very much Rachel I appreciate that a lot good luck with you uni work buy yourself some food or something yeah I do i chi hi i don’t starve at uni but I could um could do have some more BK’s not don’t I don’t go that much but let me add you to the let me add let me add to the to the old donations thing yeah thank you so much Rachel appreciate a lot more than it may seem text let’s get some music back on [Music] well that then if that was too loud and white but my kids so I had to test that and em text text text text God eyes okay okay okay black I swear I just selected black hopefully that can be seen good cheese less less let’s minimize this minimize this did I not do this well okay we’ve got some lag on the screen right now online okay there we go okay we’re all good wall good check the score where’s the score indeed Ashley I’ve used up all oh shit oh crap oh my goodness I’m an actual idiot basically this whole time I’ve been streaming on my phone so I can see the chat while doing the work and I realized that I’ve just used up all my 4G and I think I’ve already just got it maybe Excel but obviously I’ve been streaming for an hour and I’ve been just you know as you do live street I basically I forgot to turn on my Wi-Fi and it turns out I’ve been using my 4G to stream my stream and I’ve essentially just used up all my 4G fantastic fantastic I saw worth it though it’s all for a good cause an hour and yeah it’s still 119 people going strong watching this why is that blurred out is that blurry all right let’s go back okay we’re gonna head back to this yeah I can’t lie I be one one yes at sellers actually the man he’s actually the man he’s got they’re going through they’ve gone away goal mohammad salad salad which Jen you mean to God my email is exposed what Dylan has a strange nose but is sexy thank you I guess yeah I know basically I had I had surgery on my nose I broke your nose younger and that sort of thing and since then after surgery is just straight I can breathe in that sort of thing now Salo not a salad sadler and how do you who’d you watch on YouTube everyone anyone I’m jaded jaded revision with the eve it was more Jack Edwards you know need them a level tips no I just watch anyone suppose I do keep up to date other youtubers um yeah I’ve got a skin care routine dropping soon oh I know okay okay guys guys I’m actually gonna have to go nah cuz I just realize it’s nine o’clock I’ve prob I probably should do some work definitely should do some work yeah I think Dylan fancies me I think he’s gave me he come short not it was most two bands in Isaac yeah alright say number one thing I will say before I go and actually finished his essay I’ll let you guys know when I finished the essay I’ll put it in my next video listen this this place yeah if you want to come on this website a website that I basically designed obviously start some self-promotion ghibli over how much how many girls do you get me listen YouTube actually does surprisingly help with girls back in the day did not help at all but I don’t really I’m not really active on that front anymore I’m more focused on work what team do you support basically yeah if you want to know any of the look at all these let these articles and you can literally just go on here and see everything you need articles about everything and obviously the forum is it this is one of the things in my comments now and in my Instagram DMS I get quite a lot of themes and comments so I can’t always answer them and I’d like to be able to answer questions people have so if you guys just literally want to ask any questions you have in here so you go some relationship advice now I mean this is this is one on one one on one counseling just any questions in here just ask them sign into the forum and yeah pretty much I just I just answer them basically it’s a very underutilized tool and if you study a liberal government politics or math just take a look at these like some salt content revision guides I made the politics ones in literary wire used again a overall at a two and there’s some little tips I use very level math they’re the mistakes that I made when I was doing past papers so just go check them out as well there’ll be nothing they’re linked in the description both in the poll at the top blogged the stream that’s a if I had my camera I’d actually bugged a stream that’s a kind of a good idea how would someone find the degree if they have done a level maths a bit challenging a bit challenging I don’t know you had to do a level math to get on my degree but having said that there was a few people who done PPE who done maths and stuff who didn’t do maths but was on the course basically yet just do math guys anyone going UCL didn’t have a listen lull I feel like were part of an exclusive club Paul and Jacob one-pound Ashley you’re the doughnut you actually donating so much like honestly thank you so much I appreciate you a lot pineapple AHA guys too much I might I might in the stream there I mean I mean let me see let me show you this ash you know I won’t be able to but I am yeah yeah do more like I will do more live streams but make sure you leave a like on the stream I’m gonna head off now book is you know I actually basically I’ve done three hours 50 minutes wipe today because I time my revision so I know how much I’ve done and I know if I should feel bad for not doing any work so I am I personally time my revision Wow well I’m getting I’m big now that’s kind of weird yeah so as I was saying I time my revision um well this is this is just gone wrong after I time we’re revision so basically I always know how much I’ve done I’ve done three hours three hours 50 minutes today and i realistically wanted it at least through four and a half probably take me up to four i probably could have done this essay stuff here in about ten minutes but it’s taken me a very over an hour and a bit on this livestream so i’m yeah papa oh yeah thank you again for the donation that I thought I honestly appreciated that Wow everyone donate no no no as the donate thank you yeah as I was saying I need to do some more like I need to get up to four and half hours I’m gonna come off the stream do another no donating again no no please there’s no no competition I feel bad taking so much so much valuable money I guess yeah as I was saying I’m gonna end the stream now I can’t be biased all the things so thank you so much everyone who’s donated I appreciate you guys a lot I don’t expect that from anyone make sure you leave a like on the stream you’ll need to do more right now subscribe down below next time I’ll come up with a better system so you pop up on screen if it’s screen if you donate and I’ll make sure I get more white done I have a more of a successful stream I’ll have like a set protocol where I can actually get white done because today I was very distracted but yeah thank you guys for tuning in thank you I’ve got some little ass got cron yeah anyway touched a bit thank you so much for watching

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