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A detailed list of things to avoid when writing an effective research title can be found in the article here. We can not say exactly how Drude, Lorenz, Planck or Einstein reflected on their designations, so there can be no definitive answer to what they meant then..

For theoretical support, they rewrote Weber’s law in terms of a measurable constant and used the symbol c. This c appeared in numerous subsequent works of German physicists such as Kirchhoff, Clausius, Himstedt and Helmholtz, who called it the “Weber constant”. This continued until the 1870s, when Helmholtz discredited Weber. the law of force based on energy conservation and Maxwell’s most complete theory of propagating waves prevailed. This usage can be traced to the classical Latin texts, in which c stands for celeritas, meaning speed. The unusual English word “speed” is still used to indicate the speed at which waves propagate in liquids…

Towards the end, he included a section on German electromagnetic theory, which was an incomplete precursor to his formulation. This theory, put forward by Gauss, Neumann, Weber, and Kirchhoff, attempted to combine Coulomb and Amper laws into a single law of distance force. The first versions appeared in Gauss. notes in 1835, and the full form was published by Weber in 1846. Many physicists of that time were actively involved in the process of determining the units of electricity. Coulomb’s law of electrostatic force can be used to give a definition of the unit of charge, while Ampere’s law of force for currents in wires gave another.

Euler was one of the most prolific mathematicians of all time. He wrote hundreds of manuscripts, most of which were in Latin. If someone has made a deal to use c for celerite had to be Euler. In 1759 he studied drum vibrations and turned to a two-dimensional wave equation..

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The ratio between these units had the speed dimension, so it gained great practical importance.. to measure its value. In 1856 Weber and Kohlrausch published the first accurate measurement .

He wrote this in the form he requested, where c is now the velocity constant. Regardless, Asimov’s assertion that c is the initial letter of the word “celeritas” may still have some basis. Above all, it is true that c is often also used to indicate speed sound and is usually used as the velocity constant in the wave equation. Moreover, this use existed before the theory of relativity. Although Maxwell always used v in this way, he also made little use of the symbol c in his widely read treatise in 1873..

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The same Latin root appears in more popular words like acceleration and even celebrity, a word used when fame comes quickly. One app that uses this larger equation is the giant neutrino detector that is now integrated Antarctica. Dipping deep into the ice, he will detect a frightening blue light known as Cherenkov radiation, emitted by neutrinos. Neutrinos are subatomic particles so massive that they pass through undamaged Earth..

The only logical answer is that when you use the character c, it stands for whichever option you prefer. The wave equation has become the subject of much discussion, it was studied by all the great mathematicians of the era, including Lagrange, Fourier, Laplace and Bernoulli. Thanks to their work, the Euler form of the wave equation with c for the velocity of wave propagation was permanently engraved in stone….

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In a first approximation, sound waves are also driven by the same wave equation in three dimensions, so it is not surprising that the speed of sound is also denoted by the symbol c. This precedes the theory of relativity and can be found, for example, in Lord Rayleigh’s classic text, The Theory of Sound. Nineteenth-century physicists would read the classics Latin texts on physics, and they would know that c could mean “celeritas”. As an example, Lorenz used c in 1899 to indicate the speed of the Earth in the ether. We even know that Einstein used it to determine speed outside the theory of relativity, because in a letter to a friend for a patent for an airplane, he used c for an air speed of only 4.9 m / s.. .

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